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A fan archive of the webcomic Prague Race

January 5th, 2022 - Site Created

I am not affiliated with Leppu, just a fan. I recently remembered reading Prague Race, but was saddened to find out it had been taken off of hiveworks and seemed to be mostly scrubbed from the internet. For archival purposes I will be uploading the comic on this website for all to enjoy. Even though it is never going to be finished, I still really love it and think it still deserves to be accessible to those who remember it, or any new fans who have stumbled upon Leppu's work.

I was able to recover most of the images via this website, so most of the credit goes to them in finding these and organizing them. >>

Petra's new comic - Tiger Tiger >>

If you would like to send me an email, please contact me at prague-race-fan-archive(at)

Anyways, below is the first few images from the comic. more to come. Also going to organize this website and make it a lot more readable.